Bears of Bath (est 2007) OOAK: tigers, pandas, dragons, rabbits, mice, raccoons, Alice in wonderland, all manner of bears & critters. Made with finest materials (mohair, faux fur, Steiff Schulte) for bear lovers and bear collectors everywhere. Hugglets exhibitor, Kensington, London. Sept. & Feb. Bears to make you smile.

Handmade bearsSee my new bears

3 inches faux fur (Dec 2019)
5.5 inch mohair
5.5 inch mohair bear
9 inches
Charleston a Capability Bear
10 inches
5.5 inch Mohair bear
5.5 inch mohair and faux fur bear
10 inches
8.5 inches (sat down) Nov2019
5-6 inches
Carrot the Mousebear
5.5 inches
Aurelia the Cat
7 inches (Oct 2019)

"Welcome to Bears of Bath"
My Bears are entirely handmade by me, and I take great pride in my work. All bears come with a signed and numbered certificate from: BearsofBath

  Carol Birkeland-Green

The collection of my bears
for sale. These change
almost daily so be sure to
keep looking!

(sept 2019)


See you again in 2020!
 Hall 2 Stand 63
February Sunday 23rd 2020
Kensington Town Hall, London. 


My family of bears:

Capability bears

I'm very pleased to introduce you to,a very special and luxurious bear called Katsura Her name is inspired from the beautiful ornamental tree of the same name.

Created especially for Carol's Bears

This fur is so luxurious and changes shade with every glance or change of light. This is the 60mm Reynard Fox Long pile 60mm pile faux fur and also lovely long white faux fur, intermixed with pebble mohair and she has been a joy to model.


Bonbon bears

Who knows what you will see here tomorrow? I seem to come up with new ideas and techniques almost daily. These bears are quite unique, you're unlikely to have seen anything quite like them.   


My bears at Bearpile: Made from quality mohair in various colours. Each bear has own personality and style.

Bears that almost seem to have a life of their own, with whiskers and bright eyes...perhaps they have?


'Excellence in Bear Artistry Award' Judges Choice 2015 and Category Winner voted by the public

British Bear Artist
Award Winner 2011

Miniature Undressed Category

Popcorn BBAA Winner

Tilly a British Bear Artist 
Award Nominee 2010 SORRY SOLD